A small, simple, single-storey house or shelter.
hut: /hʌt/ noun
We Are #1 Food Truck Services
Pura Vida Huts offers beautifully restored Food Trucks for concerts, street markets or any kind of events.
The Food Trucks are fully equipped and highly customizable to meet anyone needs.
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Pura Vida Huts

The Mission

To become the first integrated platform for renting special mobile vehicles (commercial vans, food trucks, oldtimer cars, tiny houses, recreational vehicles, campers) from both private individuals and from existing companies. Just imagine we are  the Airbnb of campers, RV’s and commercial vans and trailers.

The begining

How it started

We put together our best ideas, yet :), with our technical and design skills and combined them with a lot of passion and the result is this amazing project where we restore old campers, trucks, RV’s, but also create tiny mobile houses from scratch.

What do you need?

We have them all

No matter if you need a food truck fully equipped or you need one of our astonishing vehicles for marketing purposes or maybe you just want to spend a few weeks in nature in one of our beautifully crafted tiny houses. Pura Vida Huts has them all listed here, all type of vehicles especially created to satisfy all your needs.

What about pricing?

Don’t worry. We provide very nice deals and the most competitive price just for you!
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Custom trucks

Fully equipped food trucks


If you need something chic or just want to add some glamour to your event, then you’re in the right place. Choose one of our splendid crafted vans or impress everyone with on old timer beautifully restored.

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Are you looking for a great idea to advertise? Catch everyone attention using one of our vehicles. It doesn’t really matters if you choose a truck, an old timer or a van. They are all so beautiful that everyone will look at them guaranteed.

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Food trucks

If you need to scale your existing fleet rapidly without important investments or maybe if you just want to try the food street business without risking too much, then try one of our food trucks. They came fully equipped with all necessary appliances.

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Are you a passionate RV lover? Or maybe you just want to explore a different way to travel. Choose an RV from our list and spend some time without any worries.

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Mobile Office

Can you imagine working anywhere, but absolutely anywhere you want? Next to the beach or on top of the mountains you can take your office with you. You can even park it in the centre of the most crowded cities.

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Movies & Commercials

Are you searching for a special vehicle for your next production? Here it is, search through our selection and you’ll definitely find the thing to suit your needs.

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We promise, you will have the best experience

From both the traveler and entrepreneur perspective he found a frequent need of individuals to be able to rent a camper or RV from a trusting source, with a diverse offer. A large, diverse portfolio of vintage vans, old-timer cars, custom designed trailers, and campers can be the answer to the ever increasingly competitive market for the attention of the customers. 

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Where We've Been Lately

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Lansare PuraVidaHuts

We’ve launched Pura Vida Huts with attitude in a place where it belongs, an open-air location in the Herstrau Park...
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