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Welcome to our new Pura Vida Huts website. On this page we would like to tell you a little about our story, and hopefully one day make you part of this journey. We love what we do, and hopefully you will too.
I am Tudor, this is my wife Anda and our two beautiful daughters, Sofia and Eva. I am an entrepreneur and my wife is an architect but we are in no way your typical family,
we belong to a different breed, the world traveler one.
We love traveling and we traveled the world as much as we could. You can follow our adventures here.
One of the greatest event in our life, the birth of our daughters, did not changed that even for a little bit, even though traveling was a little difficult this last year:-)

Our Incredible Houses

We have developped several businesses, but the one that we are very proud of is this one: Pura Vida Huts. We are happy to present you the result of a couple of years of hard work and planning:
Our two wooden homes, the Hobbit Houses that we have just started producing. With the help of incredible artisans that master the secular woodworking tradition from the Bucovina area in Romania, we are able to offer you something unique, way beyond anything that you have seen before.


Initially designed for any type of mobile small business, it can also be adapted as a living space.


Our big model that can comfortably sleep 2 adults and 1 child is a veritable work of art

A Mix Between Old and New

Many of you don’t even know where Romania is on a map, and that’s all right, thats why we’re here for.
We are a country from the old eastern comunist block and we became a member of the European Union in 2007. Since then we adapt and align with all european laws and customs.

We hope that with the help of our tiny houses you will be able to discover part of the Romanian woodworking traditions and, why not, maybe you will be tempted to visit our beautiful country.


Bucovina, a small county in the northern part of the country, is an incredible land with incredible people. Here are some photos from what home is to us.

These are the last areas in Europe where tradition is still an important part of the daily life.

If you like nature and you want to see it as wild as it can be in a XXI century Europe, than Romania is by far your best option. The scenary, the food, the traditions and the people is something that must be experienced first hand.



We are showing you all this so you’ll better understand the place where your next tiny house hails from.

There’s a lot to say about our country, but if there is something that we would like to assure you of, it’s the fact that romanians have an incredible woodworking tradition. This is not something that you have to believe us, but something that can be proven by centuries old churches and houses in the Bucovina area that were built from wood. Here are some examples dating from the XVII century.



Church "Adormirea Maicii Domnului" - 1743-1744

Church „Sfântul Nicolae” Colacu 1800

Church "Sfântul Dumitru” Botoșana 1810

Traditional Roumanian Houses

This Is Us

Tudor Maxim


I am Tudor, a graduate law student.

Before graduating, in 2005, I founded Elevate, a niche start-up company in the advertising field (advertising in elevators).

In 2006 I founded another company, “Dor de Bucovina”, a hostel in the Bucovina historical area of Romania, tourism being another passion of mine.

In 2013 I opened 3 new hostels in Bucharest and one at the Romanian seaside.

In 2015 I opened a restaurant, a beach bar and a sky bar in the old town of Bucharest.

As a result of my work I received various awards as “Best young entrepreneur of the year” or “Creative Young Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Now my journey continues with these amazing tiny houses. Join me and my team!


Meet Anda, my partner and also my better half, being right beside me in all the projects that we’ve developed.

She is a graduated architect, passionate about traveling, meeting new people and loves to discover new cultures around the world.

From 2010, after  graduation she worked as a architect and interior designer in Bucharest.

In 2012, after a inspirational trip to South East Asia she co-founded a business in tourism, a network of hostels called Pura Vida Hostels( www.puravidahostels.ro). The network has now two hostels in Bucharest, Peaches Hostel and Little Bucharest Hostel, another two at the Romanian seaside, Pura Vida Beach hostel and Pura Vida Breeze hostel , a touring agency Young Tours and a beach bar Pura Vida Beach Bar.
Anda’s designing abilities are shown in the construction and interior design of our tiny houses.

Anda will help you design your dream house.



This is Alex, a friend living in Toulouse, France. A skilled salesman, with a marketing bachelor’s degree under his belt, Alex is an online marketer and a reconverted web/app developer.

He is our sales/developper guy and your go to person in case you have any question about our products.

He will happily take all your questions, wether they’re in french, english, spanish or romanian.

Never hesitate to contact him. There are no stupid questions.

Ask and he will galdly provide an answer as fast as possible.

Romanian Shark Tank

Here we are together facing one of the most intense experience in our entrepreneurial life. We’ve been at the Romanian Shark Tank (“Arena Leilor”) where we’ve managed to secure a 300K investment for our tiny house project.

Contact Us For Any Question You Might Have

We are here to help you build your tiny dream house.

As we are sure that we may have omitted some information, please do not hesitate to contact us for any details.

We’ll do our best to answer you as fast as possible.

Hope Tiny House


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