Say hello to the newest addition to our family, Daylight!

Daylight will be a totally different concept compared with our previous models. It is a tiny house designed to offer a unique experience.


– Four seasons glass, for best insulation, both summer and winter
– Powerful air condition for cooling and warming the place quickly,
– Laminated pine wood super strong structure
– Large bathroom with skylight window
– Hidden kitchenette,
– Privacy curtains and multifunctional sofa that turns into a large bed or a permanent queen size bed

Technical Details

How big?

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Length: 6.0 meters
Width: 2.5 meters
Height: 3.2 meters
Total surface: 15 m2
Weight: 3.5 T

Trailer details

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Our tiny house can be used either mobile (with a trailer) or in fixed location. The house has a build in steel base (platform) to support the weight of the house. It can be moved with a trailer, that goes underneath the platform and when it is used in a fixed place the platform has 4 legs that need to be fixed and leveled for stability.

Structure materials

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The house is built from four seasons glass and laminated pine wood .

Insulation used

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We have used a large AC unit designed for a big apartment so heating and cooling won’t be an issue.

What driver license?

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As Daylight weights almost 3.5 T the B category driver license is not enough. In order to be able to pull it you do need the BE driver license.

Interior Design

Space repartition

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Our small glass house has only a living area and the bathroom area. In the living area there is a hidden kitchenette.


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Heating is done witha a large AC unit

Utility connections

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The house is designed to be connected to all the utilities.

Doors and windows

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Details will be provided in the weeks to come


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We are open to any suggestions you may have. Here we present the standard model, but we can adapt to your demands.

What do you get?

2 Years Warranty

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We are offering a 2 years warranty on the structure of the house.

You will also benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity of 2 years, which allows you to ask us to repair or exchange any malfunctioning part of the house.


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Delivery costs are calculated based on your location. Please contact us for detailed information.

Installation in a difficult location is not available for the moment. You will have to manage on your own.

Premium insolation

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Details will be provided in the weeks to come

Architect support

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We have our own architect at your disposal. Any modifications that you might want to bring to our standard model and every design suggestions will be free of charge. You will only have to pay for the extras that you want to include in your new house.


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