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What driver license do I need for this?

For our smaller houses you can use B category driver’s license. For the bigger ones you do need the BE or CE driver’s license. We will mention on each individual house the weight and the necessary driver’s licence.

What type of vehicle do I need in order to be able to pull this?

Our smaller models can be pulled with a normal car with at least 110HP. For the  bigger models you should use a SUV. A 4×4 vehicule would be your best option that can tow 3.5 tons like Vw Touareg or Mercedes ML.

How do you heat your house?

Electrical heating is used to heat our houses. Please check each house’s “Interior Design” section in order to find out.

What's the insulation like?

Our house is insulated for the harsh Romanian climate (+40° in Summer and -25° in Winter), so it will do simply great in other milder climate.

Please check the “Technical details” section for each house.

What type of toilet do you use?

For the time being all our houses use a normal toilet and is designed to be on grid. 

That does not mean that we cannot install any type of toilet you want. Get in touch and we’ll surely come up with a solution that will suit your needs.

Can we make it bigger?

Yes we can. We can do almost any modification that you like. We are though limited by the existing legislation. Our tiny houses can be up to 2.5m wide, 8m long. 

What are your delivery times?

Once we decide on the final design a 4 months delivery period should be taken into account.

Is the delivery included?

No, delivery is not included as it varies too much depending on where you are living in Europe. Contact us for more details.

Can we modify according to our needs?

All modifications are possible. What you see is our standard version. Get in touch and we’ll surely find the most suitable solutions for your needs.

Are the trailers homologated?

In case you want your house mounted on a trailer, and ready for the open road, know that all our trailers have a COC( Cerificate of Conformity) and they will have a propper licence plate.

What type of wood and where does it come from?

We are using treated and very resistant Romanian spruce and larch wood.

Where do you make this wonderful dream houses?

Our tiny houses are all buit in Romania, by a team of incredibly talented artisans.

How much does it costs?

The starting price for our smallest house is 17000 Euros and go up depending on what exactly you need us to do. Click the big button below in order to get an offer from us

Still have questions?

If after all this you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will answer them as soon as possible. 

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