Following our first succes this is our second tiny house we’ve created. As many of you requested it this is a proper house with everything you need inside.

As with our previous model this one is also a headturner. This one can accomodate 2 adults and 1 child, it has an actual toilet, a shower and a kitchen.

Here is another chance to own this authentic piece of art, all hand made by artisans in the Bucovina area.

Hope Tiny House

Technical Details

How big?

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Length: 4,40 meters at base and 5,60 at the roof
Width: 2.30 meters
Height: 3.27 meters
Loft: 3.4 m2
Total surface: 11.4 m2

Trailer details

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Our tiny house can be used either mobile (with a trailer) or in fixed location. The house has a build in steel base (platform) to support the weight of the house. It can be moved with a trailer, that goes underneath the platform and when it is used in a fixed place the platform has 4 legs that need to be fixed and leveled for stability.

Structure materials

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Our tiny house has a particular shape, we do not like straight lines. Our house has oval walls and a wavy roof. The structure is made of curved laminated wood beans. The base, walls & roof are made of spruce wood with TEGO plywood sheet , aluminium sheet and rockwool insulation. Exterior cladding is made of Larch wood, mounted horizontally.
Larch is one of the hardest commercial softwoods available and is moderately durable. It is slow growth, high-density wood that isn’t as vulnerable to knocks, scrapes and scratches as other species (which is ideal for exterior cladding). The exterior is fireproofed, varnished and painted.
For the interior we used smooth panels of plywood painted in white and bright blue.

Insulation used

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The base, walls & roof are made of spruce wood with TEGO plywood sheet , aluminium sheet and rockwool insulation.

Our house is insulated for the harsh Romanian climate (+40° in Summer and -25° in Winter), so it will do simply great in other milder climate.

What driver license?

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As Hope weights almost 2T the B category driver license is not enough. In order to be able to pull it you do need the BE driver license.

Interior Design

Space repartition

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Our tiny house is divided in two areas, a living/kitchen area and the bathroom area. Over the bathroom there is space for another bed where a child can sleep confortably.


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The house comes with LED floor heating, very economical, with thermostat.
There is also an electric fireplace that can heat, with thermostat and remote control.

Utility connections

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Fully equiped, turn-key ready tiny house designed to function on grid – with main connections on water and electricity.

Doors and windows

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Our doors and windows are spectacular! A large special window follows the shape of the gable and offers the inhabitants a beautiful projection outwards. The entrance door and windows are made of wood, double glazing with stained glass hand painted! They are the piece of resistance of our tiny house.


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We are open to any suggestions you may have. Here we present the standard model, but we can adapt to your demands.

What do you get?

2 Years Warranty

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We are offering a 2 years warranty on the structure of the house.

You will also benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity of 2 years, which allows you to ask us to repair or exchange any malfunctioning part of the house.


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Delivery costs are calculated based on your location. Please contact us for detailed information.

Installation in a difficult location is not available for the moment. You will have to manage on your own.

Premium insolation

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Hope is very well insolated, being able to whitstand the harsh Romanian climate(+40° in Summer and -25° in Winter).

-LED floor heating, very economical, with thermostat.
-Electric fireplace that can heat, with thermostat and remote control.

Architect support

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We have our own architect at your disposal. Any modifications that you might want to bring to our standard model and every design suggestions will be free of charge. You will only have to pay for the extras that you want to include in your new house.


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